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Thank you so much for your interest in Messina Inn! We will make sure to get you information about our weddings within 2 business days, if for some reason you don't hear back from us by then, please send us an email to Our office hours are Monday-Friday 10am-6pm CST.
We look forward to having you and your loved ones at Messina Inn!

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When you choose the Messina Inn, Cherri, an experienced professional with  over 13 years of wedding, catering, and event expertise, becomes your dedicated guide throughout your wedding journey. From your initial inquiry to the moment she helps straighten your dress before you walk down the aisle, and until you dance the night away, Cherri is there to ensure every detail aligns seamlessly alongside your wedding coordinator. Whether you envision an intimate elopement or a grand gathering, our Texas Hill Country wedding venue in Wimberley, Texas, stands as the ultimate destination for your special day. Cherri's expertise ensures your day unfolds flawlessly, making unforgettable memories for you and your families. 

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"Everything was top notch! The planning was so easy, because Cherri was there, as my coordinator, to make sure I was making the needed decisions on time, to keep everything moving forward. She handled it all with such detail!."

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